UAM United Asia Management

United Asia Management

Founded 2011 by six major agencies (SM, AM, YG, JYP, Star J and KeyEast), UAM expressed plans to advance the entire entertainment industry of Korea.

« Through their own experiences, each agency is beginning to expand out of Korea. We step together gathering the knowledge, strategies and shrewdness for having a united agency so that our collaboration makes effective synergy not only for the Korean but also Asian entertainment industries. »

An international phenomenon, Hallyu is driving Seoul’s nascent but growing influence across the world. Asian Entertainment leaders have created an investment corporation, UAM(United Asia Management). Recently, JangIn Entertainment and Actress Song Hyekyo have also joined. UAM aims to promote collaborative exchange and to strengthen the power ofHallyu through an efficient casting system. We mainly focus on overseeing not only the copyrights of talented artists but also intellectual property.

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